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Industrial Floor Cleaning 

We clean the hard to clean floors that other cleaners just can’t handle. We specialize in industrial floor cleaning of large warehouses, as well as the hard to access areas. This includes floors in places like automotive factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and agricultural buildings.

Our industrial floor cleaning application leverages high pressure hot water floor spinners with vacuum recovery.

The process can be effective with or without detergent which makes the process more environmentally friendly. It is also more gentle on your surfaces. We are also able to remove waste water from the site or use on-site water pretreatment equipment.

We also are able to remove acrylic concrete seals (acrylics only). This process uses an organic solvent that dissolves the sealant. We then use a vacuum recovery system to extract the emulsion directly from the concrete. We perform a sample test determine the effectiveness of the process before starting.

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Industrial Floor Cleaning

Our Expertise

  • Cleaning industrial floors in large warehouses
  • Using high pressure, hot water, floor spinners
  • Leveraging vacuum recovery to reduce dry time and business impact
  • Being less dependency on harsh chemicals
  • Ability to remove acrylic concrete seals