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We are in a BATTLE of a lifetime. Give your business or organization the confidence people need to get back to work and stay healthy.

Win this battle by protecting them with Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection and sanitizing vapor. It is an efficient and effective sanitizer, proven to destroying organics. And … in only 15 minutes, your premise is ready to be reoccupied.

What is Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide?

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is a charged vapor and functions in all normal environment conditions without special treatment of the contaminated areas. Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is perfectly suitable for both indoor or outdoor environments.

Prep & Result Time

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide can be applied immediately. No pre-treatment is needed. Decontamination happens in only seconds after contact, with demonstrated high level efficacy (10^6).

Approved for HVAC

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide has proven suitable for HVAC systems treatment by a government funded program. Ionizing does not corrode ducts.

Coverage is Maximized

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is not limited in the areas it can treat because it is not sensitive to areas with moisture. The molecular mobility of Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is enhanced by the high pressure repulsion of charged vapor droplets.

Compatibility & Absorption

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful oxidant that requires only seconds to decontaminate. Since the exposure time is short, Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is safe for use around metals and other ferrous materials. Absorbent materials such as paper, fabric, or carpeting do not need to be removed. Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide has the property of decomposing quickly into oxygen and water and does not continue to oxidize objects that it decontaminates.

No Health or Safety Hazards

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide uses a solution that is safe for normal exposure and does not pose a health or safety hazard.

Chemical Efficacy

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide has proven that it decontaminates chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. Since Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is a vapor spray it penetrates thickened chemicals just as a spray cleaner penetrates greasy dirt.

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Our Expertise

Proven Efficient & Effective in treating;

  • Viruses (including COVID-19)
  • Bacteria
  • Odors
  • Mold
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)